Born and raised in southern Indiana, the older Adams grew up on horseback enjoying the lakes, streams, woods, hills, caves & cliffs near the historic Madison, Indiana area.  Adams traveled the world back in the day visiting places such as Mexico, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, Belgium and many, many locations throughout the United States.  Adams believes we are all citizens of the world and must learn to appreciate how we live in harmony here on mother Earth.  We must also take care of this planet for the animals that share a space with us. 

The family enjoys basketball, running, movies, music, art and various festivals.  Don, Donnie & Jonathan-his two sons, have been seen at various festivals and events around the country.  With various degress in Computer Information Systems and Business, they enjoy social media, the Internet and other technologies, along with getting away from it all & enjoying the outdoors.  A man's word is his bond.  A man's reputation is tied to his name.   Get results & have fun doing it.  Don't forget that you get what you reward.  If you want more kindness in the world then recognize and reward it.  Honesty & integrity are still foundations to be cherished. 

Those in authority have a responsibility to help those that can't help themselves.  Never forget your family, friends & those who need your help.  Thanks for stopping by.  We hope you smiled!